ALFA SPORT (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED is joint enterprise, it founded in 2006. It is a new type of enterprise for manufacturing Squash in Thailand. ALFA sets squash research  and development, design, production, sales, as one system. With world-class technology design and production equipment and the outstanding design, production, quality control, sales and after-sales service team. 

Companies pursue the aim of "quality first, credibility paramount, and customers is the God" as concept and purpose. ALFA sets the quality of products and corporate reputation as own life.With advanced, complete and strict quality control system and procedures, in product design, each production process has senior engineer for technical guidance and also equipped with the  world's most advanced measuring equipment for strictly technical products, To obtain customer 

trust and maintaining the outstanding reputation and good image.

So first-class service of the company, cheap product and good quality, variety, complete specifications, rich colors, beautiful,  durable, a broad customer praise and favor,  The supply 

doesn't satisfy demand. Customers can also have special 

requirements, suchas desi

gn, production any specifications, 

style, color of inexpensive high-quality squash, ensure that customers in the fierce competitionin the market maintain its advantage, access to healthy development.